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Life Sciences

Harper Hunt works with individuals and organisations to offer high-quality executive search services.

Together, we ensure that positions are filled with the very best candidates.

With a focus on the healthcare industry, our teams have connected with a variety of those specialising in life sciences.

The study of earth’s living organisms is incredibly important – which is why we are so thorough when conducting our searches.

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Different Areas of Life Sciences

Life sciences is quite a broad topic, so we’ve narrowed it down to four specific fields in which we excel.


Those who work in the pharmaceutical industry are in some way involved with the development of new drugs and treatments.

Whether researching, testing, marketing or manufacturing – the future of medical care depends on highly-experienced professionals doing incredible work.

It is one of the most important fields in the modern world, and one we are proud to be affiliated with.


The biotechnology industry makes use of living organisms to develop and modify market products, which can be used in the healthcare field.

It is responsible for the creation of modern technologies that have treated diseases, diagnosed health problems and provided cleaner energy.

Biotechnology has saved countless lives – making it an incredibly worthwhile industry to be involved in.

Medical Devices

The healthcare market is full of medical devices, designed to make certain people’s lives better in a particular way.

Much like the pharmaceutical industry, a job working with medical devices could mean researching, testing, marketing, manufacturing or being involved in some other way.

Positions we look to fill generally range from the middle management level, right up to senior executive.


In the healthcare field, generics is all about how a business can remain cost-effective and provide a positive return on investment.

It requires individuals who are experienced in strategic marketing, talent management and operations.

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